TruColor All Natural Food Coloring at San Diego cake show

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Live periscope during the San Diego Cake Show on the most amazing food coloring that is all natural! Really geat colors too!
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Recorded on 03/20/2016
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This video was no sponsored in any way and is my own personal opinion on this product

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17 Responses

  1. Judi Christopher says:

    Turn your camera sideways…
    you'll SEE More…

  2. graciela rodriguez says:


  3. mrslcakes says:

    If you color shortening, what would you use that for because it wont dry out, so painting with it doesnt seem possible

  4. Elisabeth michelle can you put jayden soap says:

    can you shop

  5. Dizzy Spell says:

    Can you make an anime cake?

  6. Dizzy Spell says:

    I love you cakes

  7. Stephanie Castillo says:

    will it work on royal icing

  8. Maggie Cook says:

    Where to buy ?

  9. merry clayton says:

    when and where was this show

  10. V Nil says:

    i am sorry i didnt go to sd cake show, i would have loved for you to autograph my book. ( i purchased your cakebook).

  11. Pallavi Narayan says:

    wow. I hope I can access one of those boxes set

  12. Pallavi Narayan says:

    wow. I hope I can access one of those boxes set

  13. Beatriz Vazquez Seoane says:

    very good notice, thanks for share, I will feel much more confortable with my cakes now…really I will, I was wishing to find natural colors who works so well for a long time…and the palet is awesome!! thank you!

  14. Heather O'Day says:

    what whaaattttt?? gorgeous colors!

  15. Wingedshadowwolf says:

    Very cool!

  16. Destiny Nichols says:

    omg so many colors!!!

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