Understanding Garden Sulfur: Compost and Organic Matter, Very Little is Needed – TRG 2014

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This is the 6th video of 6 on the six major macro-nutrients. Sulfur is needed for general plant growth. It is involved in the synthesis of amino acids, proteins and more. You don’t need a lot of it in your garden. Compost and organic matter will supply your garden with sulfur.

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17 Responses

  1. dave12546 says:

    could pure 99.9% yellow sulpher be used in the garden?? the same stuff used to make black powder

  2. Cambiumlayer 13 says:

    Very helpful and clear information, thanks. Subscribed to you

  3. walter sherwood says:

    FINALLY a video that solved my blueberry question for sulfur needs. Will be adding garden gypsum to acidify and loosen clay like soil. Epsom salt plus compost will be a big help too.

  4. Garden Line says:

    Great information

  5. Betsy Mabry says:

    Thank you! Great information.

  6. marymonk says:

    Sorry I don't mean to be dense but this is my first year growing a garden. My soil meter says my soil is all alkaline. Am I understanding correctly that I need to add sulfur?

  7. AngelHeart says:

    Hi, i have some raspberry plants on the way and the pots im gonna grow them in contain coco coir a bit of compost on top & some chicken manure… Also i added twice about 2 small teaspoons sulphur on top every few weeks. They are about 60liters each pot, but the soil Ph is still 7. Can i add more Sulphur? Im worried that too much will burn the roots of the raspberries when they arrive. How much times can i use Sulphur? I also have Epson Salt.Thanks 🙁

  8. Charlye4361 says:

    I read somewhere, and can't remember where, that you could put a cracked boiled egg in before transplanting seedlings/plants and it would add the Ca & S. Would this work? I just happen to have lots of spare eggs.

  9. Mihajlo Petkovic says:

    Can you use Plaster of Paris or chalk that is used in schools because they are also made of gypsum(calcium sulfate)?

  10. Jim Pence says:

    Love your videos.  Do I mix the Epsom salt with water, and spray the plants ?  Or do I just sprinkle the Epsom salt on the ground, around the plants?

  11. Kurt Schatteman says:

    I've watched you '6-pack' video series.  Allow me to congratulate you on these.  Qaulity of your voice is very good.  It's clean, kalm with no strange noises.  It's clear you did'nt wake up one morning and thought 'Well, let me make some quick video's today'.  Most important of all, you want the viewer to understand what's going on.  And now I'm gonna find me some more of your video's 🙂

  12. Morgan Ang says:

    Hi Gary, I'm new to composting. Living in a high rise bldg where space is a problem, I'm thinking of using sytrofoam box for doing it. Furthermore, it's free.

    I understand that stuff inside will get heated up to around 150 deg.F. When it gets so hot, would it burn the box (styrofoam) and leach out chemicals from the foam?. Thanx 

  13. FrostPlutarc says:

    Great video now I understand the difference between Sulfur and Sulfate.

  14. David D says:

    Thanks for that Gary!

  15. Laura Te Aho-White says:

    What about using sulfur for lowering soil pH level? 

  16. Basic Gardening says:

    So how much Epsom salt should I add at one plant?

  17. Constance Lovejoy says:

    Can we use molasses to provide the macronutrients to our plants? If so, how do u recommend we use & apply it? Where do u stand on using animal manure & vermicompost? I am vegan & don't want to use animal manures. Do u know where I can get vegan compost & potting soil?

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