University Challenge – Christmas 2018 E08 Semi Final 1

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  1. Azizah S. says:

    Blue Rigi is a beaut

  2. russcomp1920 says:

    Thanks again for posting. As a classical musician it's depressing to see how Western Art Music is so far from the consciousness of educated and supposedly informed people! It is also baffling to see a so-called professionally trained musician/composer not able to differentiate Prokofiev from Scriabin and worst of all, Elgar from J.S. Bach.

  3. Ani Avedissian says:

    Scum…I love you.

  4. DD WW says:

    Jeremy "Patriarchy Is Correct" Paxman

  5. Satire4977273 says:


  6. Ray Beeze says:

    Thank you from Connecticut. Thanks lashes !

  7. KSfan4ever says:

    Thank you scum! Great match! Bravo to the winners, but I also really liked the runner-up team, especially the valiant captain.

  8. alleeum says:

    Thank you for these.

  9. Dogs Body says:

    Aww the audience looked so cute and happy at the end

  10. Lucio Hermans says:

    Didn't know Hitler was born the same year as David Attenborough…

  11. daved PrimeDice says:


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