URGENT: Monsanto vs Organic Farmers And The Battle For Food Freedom (Azure Farms)

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Sherman County may be issuing a Court Order on May 22, 2017, to quarantine Azure Farms and possibly to spray the whole farm with poisonous herbicides, contaminating them with Milestone, Escort and Roundup herbicides. Patreon ➜ http://www.patreon.com/PressForTruth
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37 Responses

  1. Janet Baker says:

    How is this possible??
    It makes you a non organic farm? How can they take your farm away like that ?

  2. trifecta t says:

    Also look into ORMUS for growing food you get INSANE growth and its all natural, check out Ken Rhola also he has great info on this and other interesting things

  3. trifecta t says:

    Theres alot that we can all do besides complain and "March against monsanto" which is not a very good use of time and resources IMO. Grow organic food, share it with your friends and family and take market share away from these evil bastards, government will not help you. Spreading awareness is important but we need to take action. Every purchase you are choosing, even if you ignorant of the destruction of your choices as most are.

  4. Barbara Jansen says:

    I just sent Monsanto a message on Facebook. I told them they will be getting a lot of hate mail. Can I count on you to give them a piece of your mind? Thank you.

  5. Sheri Benjegerdes says:

    is this why Trump was sent off American soil??????????
    Foreigners seeking billions should come begging. Our President needs to stay home in America!!!!!!!

  6. Sheri Benjegerdes says:

    Thousands of healthy farm land threatened by toxic company desiring to poison Americans is trying to takeover, irradiated humans, bees, birds, trees, plants. Where is our President Trump? Saudi Arabia?????????

  7. Tracey Cobb says:

    British It looks like pretty! ucer patient .

  8. HolyDiver says:

    Weeds like, dandelion, chicory, camomile? See, they want us thinking "weeds" are bad…………..But these so called "weeds" have tremendous healing properties and health benefits.

  9. Sean Johnstone says:

    Monsanto days are numbered… Tic Toc mother fuckers.

  10. Manly Men says:


  11. mrniceguy423 says:

    Just called and emailed. Hope they see it's wrong to force you to do something to your property against your will.

  12. Terrence M says:

    Sad that our country has the worse food, the most modified and fake food. This will push us farther down and erode the rights our founding fathers fought and died for!

  13. FlyingShazbot says:

    There is a Monsanto field I drive by every day on my way to work near Lethbridge on Highway 3. It's been there for around 10 years. Every day twice a day I fantasize about going into that field with a flame thrower and torching it. Every day!

  14. L. G. says:

    I always see planes leaving chemtrails over my garden…

  15. KDarianL_4 Beautopa says:

    Get legal council, community support raise funds to file a Lawsuit! Get the story out to the Organic farmers and consumers everywhere and sound the clarion call. The time to organize and fight back is now!

  16. KDarianL_4 Beautopa says:

    This is the Strategy of the New world Order Agenda 21 to take control of all resources including Food Production! Our Government officials are owned!

  17. Brenda Penny says:

    Why isn't there a petition as well ? Get one started asap especially with the march coming up.

  18. Mario Buildreps says:

    Why not turn to Avaaz?

  19. John says:

    i live right beside a farmer and last year he asked if i could unload a truck for him and i said yes.when i wen't over there the truck driver would not touch the bags of seeds. i read the bag and it said that this product causes CANCER. and you need gloves and a mask. i refused to unload his truck and told him that i don't support him and his GMO farm.

  20. RedSpiralHand says:

    Here's there update from the hearing: https://vimeo.com/217945829

  21. Ranugad Gawkroger says:

    I like what you are doing Dan. There is a very big problem here! There is only a tiny amount of peoples who see your videos and probably the same peoples over and over…. You have to find a way to reach a lot of peoples!! Maybe advertise by putting a something on a major roads…. This is becoming very critical and we need to reach A LOT of peoples!!!!

  22. John says:


  23. Sir FarSide says:

    Everyone needs to be made aware that Monsanto was the manufacturer of Agent Orange during Vietnam ..which killed thousands of American soldiers from cancer …and now, the World Heath Organization has concluded that Glyphosate (main compound in Round-Up) is a carcinogen and that Round-up and Monsanto glyphosate based GMO food has been banned in most of Europe and in India.  Here at home,  I just saw one of those lawyer commercials on TV stating "have you been harmed by Monsanto and glyphosate?  …contact blah blah associates."   Monsanto is desperately trying to maintain their business and we can all do a lot to help them fail by just talking to our friends and family about it.

  24. Truth Seekers says:

    Love this video Dan! Keep it up!

  25. Travis polson says:

    Statist believe because they vote the government now has the right to force a person to spray chemicals all over their own land.
    Can some one come out with a spray that kills GMOs and brain dead statists please .

  26. 57♨️ says:

    WE must murder monsanto exc's

  27. Pierre Larochelle says:

    Spray an Organic Farm? What kind of insanity is that?
    The Courts and judges, for the most part, are all owned and operated by the corrupt corporations. Try finding an honest judge who will do, not what's been written into corrupt laws by corrupt politicians, but what's morally and ethically right for the people.
    This corruption and all-out assault on everyone who wants to eat healthy food needs massive exposure.

  28. MEreal2reel says:

    They should take the road of medicinal uses for the plants.

  29. MEreal2reel says:

    Uses: Traditionally, tea made from the root of Queen Anne's Lace has been used as diuretic to prevent and eliminate kidney stones, and to rid individuals of worms. Its seeds have been used for centuries as a contraceptive; they were prescribed by physicians as an abortifacient, a sort of “morning after” pill.

  30. Patriot OfGod says:

    There is no such thing as "organic" anymore. It is grown in contaminated soil (chemtrails) and irrigated with contaminated water.

  31. AU Keković says:

    The Oregan accent sounds very British…

  32. Andrew Stone says:

    not cool lets all sign a petition

  33. max xuseen says:

    no too monsatan. yes to organic

  34. Mr Jalapeño says:

    Cool music background. Who is it?

  35. hitechguy18 says:

    Funny how I have a bit of technology that can be put on autonomous solar powered
    robots and uses no chemicals other that plain old tap/well water + heat
    to destroy weeds

    its my
    1000w 50A 1 kw ZVS induction heating machine product voltage 12v ~ 40v 36v

    all you need is a spike that you pre heat up to glowing in the induction field coil and shove right throw the weed and soil

    then you inject the spike with water > steam then kills off the root aria

    30 sec the weeds been cooked to death any seeds and root system cooked

    not the only trick the ZVS induction heating can do
    it can help fix soil problems bad soil molds, blight, bad soil pathogens, bad soil Bactria & Viruses dead

  36. Marty Saskatchewan says:

    Shoot the fucking plane down as a last resort.

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