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Let meTake you for a walk around the ‘Creating Welhealth’ Forest Garden Project at Hafod-Y-Llan Ganol near the Alwyn Reservoir, North Wales. The idea is to work towards being self sufficient by giving and taking/sharing food and skills – the forest garden itself is envisaged to eventually yield many products needed for living. The house is ‘completely off the grid’ with electric from solar panels and wind generators, has its own water supply from a spring/roof collection, growing food organically, using the low maintenance ‘no dig’ mulching method as set out in Ken Fern’s book ‘Plants For a Future’, and has a vegan-organic ethos. ‘Welhealth’ is about in reducing down your need for money through sharing skills and goods (give and take) and the idea of a culture of self relient communities as promoted by Gandhi.
James of helped with the making of this video and the backing music, ‘GOING BACK TO THE LAND’ by yours truly Vic.
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9 Responses

  1. hayley williams says:

    Good w-rk – only just got iinto flat earth – learning all the time!

  2. vic button says:

    @chestermarket i think we must take more responsibility for the way we live

  3. vic button says:

    @jihadacadien Sorry for the late response – thanks for your comment, one thing i did not mention is that the fruit is free to pick to eat by travellers – just like the air that we breath!

  4. vic button says:

    @jihadacadien Thanks for your comment and interest

  5. vic button says:

    @pjchmieland thanks for comments and interest -sorry about my singing in the background vicX

  6. pjchmiel says:

    Nice video, but the music in the background is a bit distracting and ghost-y sounding, was it being played through a bullhorn while you walked around the yard?

  7. PainChaud says:


  8. James Button says:

    looks good

  9. vic button says:

    For a much more fuller description of forest gardens, please 'search' Robert Hart's Forest Garden – Vic xxx

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