WE Shorts – Milky Way Fudge

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Today on WE Shorts CJ, Matt Zion & Gamer Nick review Milky Way Fudge!

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37 Responses

  1. Esa826 says:

    Neeed moaaarr Kitty!!! 😀

  2. Skythewolf12 Type F says:


  3. Tommy Fuller says:

    I have to respectfully disagree lol I love Milky Way far more than Snickers…especially the Simply Caramel Milky Way…although the Smooth Peanut Butter Snickers are pretty tasty

  4. I nuke worlds says:

    Matt stonie has joined the frickin chat

  5. Cacti88 says:

    I like when u sit

  6. BfDelano says:

    Have you found the Birthday Cake 3 Musketeers? I got one of those at the same time I got my MilkyWay Fudge.

  7. El Niño says:

    I tried to bite the pillow and it actually worked. Thanks for the advice.

  8. Vince Russell says:

    Good to see Chris back with twin bros checkn that new candy

  9. Tyler Moran says:

    that's weird.. Was that an ad?

  10. FauxTomBrady says:

    Reese’s fast-break are still made king size single bar

  11. TGabrielC13 says:

    I've actually had the milky way fudge, its not bad. I mean if you like milky ways in general its good. I don't like snickers caus I hate nuts, sorry XD

  12. Steven Cameron says:

    Upvoted because finally no fucking Nando

  13. Kyle Woolery says:

    The midnight version is my favorite

  14. free tay k says:

    I remember that to the only one left is payday

  15. Beastly McLaren says:

    I thought it tasted exactly the same as the original. Not impressed

  16. thomas mcdonald says:

    Nice keeping the fun alive in these YouTube videos love that and that new Milky Way is a step up from just a regular one that was a good idea for milk way to do

  17. Musicbookoholic says:

    I've seen the bar for the past month or two at walmart. Just like with a milky way I am not sold on this bar. I prefer getting oreo candy bars when I am in line.

  18. Bryce L says:

    Had these a month ago i dont milky ways but i did like these

  19. LondonKendrick643 says:

    Giant boy!

  20. Sliced Bread says:

    Snickers sells a 1lb bar

  21. D_Rock_ 8791 says:

    Take 5 is the best

  22. Gigi The Waitress says:

    That's. EXACTLY the tune to Three's Company.

  23. Ben Schnipke says:

    There's also the Snickers White and the Birthday Cake 3 Musketeers that came in under the radar as well. My wife and I thought the Snickers White was the best of the 3. Love you guys Matt!

  24. MEMEKING P says:

    Oh put that fudge in your dirty mouth hole! SEX

  25. Goobian says:

    These are exactly how you would think. I do like that shade of blue though.

  26. Jonah Henninger says:

    You guys should shave Gamer Nick's head so they look even more alike

  27. pyrochemists says:

    good, but better with milk

  28. Whole Sun Half Moon says:


  29. Cory Keibler says:

    Birthday cake 3 musketeers?

  30. JAYSON says:

    They done this in the U.K. to THE MARS BAR, what I believe is your milky way. Our milky way you call a THREE MUSKETIER.

    ANYWAY.. It was called the MARS BAR "FUDGE BROWNIE" and it was a seal of approval

  31. Epsil0nify says:

    That WE statue thing in the front is so cool

  32. PG SlowkicksATL says:

    You on a diet Matt? You look skinnier.

  33. Hunter Houlihan says:

    Such a neat center piece

  34. Captain Imagination says:

    WrecklessEating have done IHOP's Whocakes on your channel?

  35. Jenni Valentine says:

    I'll fudge your milky way D:

  36. yanney says:

    fuck whoever says first.

  37. Steph Stephanie says:

    Hey mattttt❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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