Weight Gain in 1 week natural Healthy, fast & easy/Tasty recipes for weight gain

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Hello Beauties,

This video is most requested video. A video on how to gain weight naturally & beautifully.
I have explained completely about the reasons why we don’t gain weight and what foods to be avoided for a healthy weight gain, what foods to be included to gain weight. I have showed you 2 healthy recipes which can be replaced for your breakfast.

Its amazing protein drink:
with all nuts, Red banana, badam milk, oats, peanut butter.

With Nenthra Pazham or Ethapazham in malayalam is one of the most healthy and amazing banana.
Jaggery and ghee with this gentle banana makes it one of my favorite dish. You can even serve this to your children for healthy weight gain.

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  9. Sudha Sudha says:

    Ethu mrg breakfast ku apram sapdanuma sis rply me

  10. Sudha Sudha says:

    Sevvazha tha use pannanuma illa normal banana use pannalama sis

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    Good and useful video. Thank you friend.

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