What a NATURAL BODYBUILDER looks like.

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What a NATURAL BODYBUILDER looks like. Listen to fitness expert Kelly Brown breakdown his natural look and how he achieves it.
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I made this video because I wanted people to see what a natural Bodybuilder looks like. I have won my pro card in a natural organization “SNBF” in the men’s physique category. My next challenge is to compete in a non drug tested NPC event in the (Classic Physique) division to see how I rank. I am 5’11.5 and currently weigh between 205-210 depending on the day. Social media will show you a lot of great physiques, we tend to compare ourselves a lot. the question is, are we giving ourselves a FAIR comparison.

If you are new into bodybuilding, and have no clue how far your body can go NATURALLY, Look at me so that you may do so. I workout EXTREMELY HARD, Do fasted cardio DAILY, I drink Gin all the time, and I have a regular job. I also compete as a hobby. So feel free to use me as a gauge to see how close, far, or surpassed me you are. Im not OPPOSED to getting any “Gear”. I just want to see how far i can go naturally FIRST. – Kelly Brown

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28 Responses

  1. Kelly Brown GetFitWithKB says:

    I’ve been training since October 2010

  2. SHAO&V.V: REACTS says:

    People who say you're on roidz are the ones who don't lift at all. So quick to judge but don't know a damn thing about how long it takes to get there. Great job man! Keep it up!

  3. Mooozie says:

    Does sombody knows which camera he is using ?

  4. Martyn Af says:

    Chicken legs

  5. Prodigy Fumar says:

    Genes come into consideration but like you said your hard work for dieting and working your ass off everyday paid off as well.

  6. Julio Pena says:

    What’d you film this with?

  7. Singh Fitness says:

    Good stuff bro

  8. Shock the muscle says:

    Masha'Allah you have a really really nice physique and I like how humble you are with your physique I've been training since 7 months now and one day hope to be as good as you

  9. Booker The Wolf says:

    So basically Lebron James

  10. IronAmbition says:

    A lot of people use steroids and don’t look like it. Those traps don’t look natural to me, but I don’t care either. The arms and shoulders look great, the rest not special.

    Keep it going!

  11. Juan Sebastian Salcedo Garcia says:

    Amazing traps and savage shoulders
    you look like kratos lmao

  12. crazy911wman says:

    U use sarms. Next video

  13. Zikydapro Agic says:

    Why you lost your hair if you r not using steroids, you fucking bald faggot, everyone who used some type of steroid or creatine for longer period will go bald and you have gone you fucking bald sandbitch!

  14. Protolini Smarto says:

    Amazing body alhamdullah

  15. Nigs McGee says:

    Great calves. Don't be afraid to big yourself up

  16. Robin Klint says:


  17. Will Taylor says:

    Everyone's so quick to say "StErOiDs" bc they don't have the dedication to be in the gym six days a week for 10 years and see the results themselves

  18. igor4246 says:

    He could be natural. Considering his muscles bellies, round as fuck, nice insertions and he is not tall. But do I believe it? Nah, not really

  19. Mooozie says:

    What camera are you using?

  20. GugSter says:

    My man even has muscles on his head!

  21. Stoned Pepe says:

    Ur wienner big so, ur clean from steroids lol

  22. Bob Ross says:

    Im late but finally a body builder that looks human. These steroid filled monsters look disabled tbh.

  23. Smiggie balls says:

    Decent? Lol humble af

  24. Loyal Leo says:

    Does taking whey protein disqualifies you as being Natural?

  25. elo_ elo56 says:

    A beast!

  26. Cassandra Zomok says:

    Your so Sexy.. keep it Natural.

  27. jp marts says:

    i thought fitness nutrition and training was about being Healthy !! resorting to drugs shows a lack of confidence yet even worse a low self esteem .. just like a woman having a breast surgery to enhance her look …i am actually training to get in better shape and i would gladly take his physic over anything steroid can gives you lol

  28. Igor Begovic says:

    What does natural bodybuilder mean?

    What supplements do you take?

    Btw.. look great

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