When School Serves Junk Food :(

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https://MamaNatural.com 🔅 What’s a natural mama to do when her kid’s school serves junk food? In this video, I share my thoughts and tactics.

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38 Responses

  1. Stephie2007 says:

    I'm a Children's Church teacher and have often wondered this myself when the kids in my class ask for more than just the one snack allowed that day. The snack in question: Fruit Gummies.

  2. Shannon King says:

    simple method. send your own food with them. but also don't worry about it. the occasional piece of junk food won't do too much damage.

  3. connie black says:

    Ur kids walk by so cute lol,an great advice!!

  4. Merrick Kehoe says:

    When they go to camp let it go

  5. kardancer1 says:

    I worry about this I am a preschool teacher and a lot of the foods the children bring in are so unhealthy, we are a nut free school as well! I am allergic to many foods, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, some shellfish and gluten. So my diet is very limited but my fiance and I cook from scratch with natural ingredients and a large variety. This worries me for our future children as my in laws are deeply opinionated and always feel it's my way or the high way and they love peanut butter and junk food. I don't want them eating crap and I especially don't want them exposed to peanuts or nuts until they reach age 2  as I never want to see my child deal with food allergies like I do. My fiance's nephew "who lives next store to his grandparents" first food was mashed potatoes and gravy! He wouldn't eat baby food so his mother sweetened it with Karo Syrup! How disgusting and awful is that. With getting married in a few months and knowing that children will be in the picture within the next few years it actually is very concerning. The last thing I want is to send them to grandmas for the day and find out they ate a peanut butter filled donut at like 10 months because mommy and daddy were not around.

  6. Kae'Lani Small says:

    When you started talking about soda…I was drinking RootBeer which I should stop drinking because it is VERY unhealthy

  7. Jeannette Scheppler says:

    I love that my son brings his own water bottle to preschool. It's a nut free campus so I'm really sad that my picky 4 year old is barely eating. Please post preschool lunch ideas with lots of options for picky eaters. I shudder because his friends all have fruit snacks and he wants to eat like them!

  8. Ariel Harmony says:

    Arrggg problem that my son goes to headstart and so he has breakfast and a morning snack there. What kinds of foods can I pack the night before and put in the fridge for him to eat later at school?

  9. rubycarra says:

    I very much agree with the 80/20 rule. Otherwise we'd stress ourselves out.

  10. rubycarra says:

    Lol at the cute blond kid that walks thru in the beginning…

  11. QuartyDawn says:

    I'm going to school for Early Childhood Education, which means I will be working in a daycare, preschool, or may even run my own daycare. I will defiantly do what I can to help parents when it comes to the dietary needs of their child.

  12. kelly d says:

    Thank you for these awesome ideas! When you put your whole heart and soul into feeding your family healthily, it's hard when outside pressures make you feel like you're too uptight about eating healthily. I will totally use these ideas! Thank you for your encouragement!

  13. eamber1984 says:

    I am going to home school; but I think you were very helpful with ideas and presented it very graciously! Others add quite alot of complaining about the issue- you did not;)

  14. eamber1984 says:

    I am going to home school; but I think you were very helpful with ideas and presented it very graciously! Others add quite alot of complaining about the issue- you did not;)

  15. Vicky Loftus says:

    I feel like those tips can work for adults to. For instance the soda tip. Thanks natural mama!

  16. Gggg says:

    I don't agree with this video….I think u have to teach moderation and control not avoidance of "bad foods". If kids are eating well at home why not just have whatever he other preschool kids are having? Life doesn't always allow us to eat the best healthiest food…. Lol

  17. BeautifulWorkout says:

    Great tips as usual! One question though – Chips cooked in olive oil? I read that highly heated olive oil is toxic? What is your view on this? Thanksxx

  18. Idellle says:

    Here in my country school serve normal food to kids. Not gourmet but still healthy food.

  19. Emaline90 says:

    what do you do when its not just the snacks..I work at a childcare center as a preschool teacher.  On a daily basis my kids eat pasta with canned gravy..canned meat..and canned fruit and veg.  Its disgusting.. 

  20. Amber Lilly says:

    lol i had a friend when i was a young kid till i went to middle school she was homeschooled after that and she was fourced to eat heathly and she hated it just let ur kid have some soda maybe at school and resturants but eat heathly dinners at home 

  21. Amber Lilly says:

    chicken patty at my school are pink inside like light neon… school lunches are just ew and im wicked unheathly 

  22. Christina Choate says:

    My daughter is turning 8 in a few weeks and she doesn't drink soda. She actually doesn't like it. I let her try soda at 5 and again when she was 7 and both times she hated it. I have raised her to enjoy healthy food choices so much so that when her grandmother was here from out of state last week she offered my daughter anything out of the candy aisle she wanted (I felt that after 4 years since the last time we saw her that she could buy my daughter some junk) she refused everything but the popcorn and refused the microwave junk and wanted me to pop the kernels on the stove top. I was so proud of her, she went home had some popcorn and an apple rather than the endless choices of chocolate bars and gummy candies. My MIL kept saying my daughter was making it hard for her to spoil her but she realized my daughter is just different than her other grandkids and doesn't care for sweets. My daughter loves her fruit and vegetables and would choose them over candy and cakes any day.

  23. B Patt says:

    We are about to enroll our toddler in a montessori school. Just waiting for our turn on the waiting list. Both of the school we are waiting on have policies forbidding junk food. No chocolate is allowed in any form, no other candy either. No boxed juice, unless 100% juice, no flavored milk. If a kid brings any of the item, they take it away and substitute with something healthier. In both schools their mid morning snacks are fresh fruit and in the afternoon they offer crackers. I just thought that was very awesome!

  24. LITEvlogs says:

    I can't believe that some people would give you a hard time about what you pack your kid for lunch.

  25. LITEvlogs says:

    She started her video with "SO YOU'RE A NATURAL MOMMA…"  To the people saying it's ridiculous, she's uptight… You're obviously NOT A NATURAL MOMMA, she wasn't talking to you, so get over it.

  26. Noni Hart says:

    Great suggestions, so sensible. Yes, the importance of not feeling left out is a good point. Enlightened children actually can request no junk as they get older. They are smart enough to learn about health and although like so many living in this polluted world, sometimes we eat the junk. And generally don't feel so good after that – a learning experience. It really bugs me when parents chose to eat healthy & then feed their kids garbage – there is definitely some sort of disconnect there and not sure how those minds work. Protecting your children is very much so – 80% as you say – in your control until they're off to college. I think our awareness is improving and I know multitudes of young families that truly make every effort to provide their young with food that protects the immune system!!! Thankful for your awesome articles and videos!

  27. Alina Salmin says:

    U are so beautiful without make up!

  28. Jillian Owens says:

    I think it is amazing how committed you are too your child's nutrition!! Can you start posting recipes?

  29. Melissa Matheson says:

    We live in the bay area, so maybe we just live in a bubble because everything her day care/preschool serves is super healthy. The most unhealthy thing they provide would be gram crackers. We are not allowed to send any nuts, eggs, or fish in the kids lunches. Seeds are ok, so if I send hummus or pesto that has pine nuts in it that is fine.

  30. Whitney Loraine says:

    I think it's great to have alternatives to today's "man made" foods. Natural is always best 🙂 and I totally agree with your 80/20 ideology! Mix it up to keep it fun!

    Did you try the orange juice concoction to see how it tasted? I would love to try that!

  31. Katekaty0 says:

    Most daycares, preschools, camps, etc get food from a government funded program. They can only feed kids what they are provided.  Its not really the teachers or daycare's fault. A lot of kids programs can only afford to keep their doors open if they get this government assisted food. The nutritional guide lines are usually outdated, but hey what can you do, besides send your kids own snacks?

  32. Elspeth Muzzin says:

    why is juice bad? or like what do you mean when you say the school serves "juice"?

  33. Suzanne Goldberg says:

    Love you OJ seltzer trick!

  34. tigerlilly699 says:

    Hey mama! I know you do Stevia do you give that to Griffin too? I have been on Stevia for a month now and I don't know what to think about giving it to my little ones. How do you feel about xylitol and erythritol? Thanks 🙂

  35. Natalie Gomes says:

    I find it so interesting that people react so strongly to the idea of eating health and following such great advice. It's so sad that people have been so influenced by companies, advertisers and modern culture to believe that modified foods, sugar loaded food, foods with nasty additives are ok and that it's so wrong to deprive your child in this way. Our job as parents is to educate and guide our children. I for one would be so grateful to be in your family, your food always looks delicious!! Xx

  36. LaiLaNahAr says:

    Awesome advice!

  37. billie mitchell says:

    Love you!

  38. Britt Arbanas says:

    Awesome video!! Love your tips. I'm so glad there are parents out there who put this much care into what their children eat.

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