WHY Cinder Block Garden???

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The benefits of Growing home grown vegetables and fruit in a cinder block garden. Of course I am using the method of advanced nutrients witch is quite simple through compost tea every other week. I have harvested five salads out of the garden thus far, that have fed over four people each! Stay tuned for the upcoming harvest from this small, but bursting organic vegetable garden…..
SO WHY????
– space efficiency
– cheap cost effective
– organic fresh food
– increase mood and happiness
– save money on grocery bill
– learning
– becoming healthier
– bettering the environment
– self sufficient living
– preparation
– beautiful feature to your home

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28 Responses

  1. Power Sonic says:

    MISLEADING TITLE – A real example if a Bull5h1T Video a total waste of 4 minutes 16 Seconds .

  2. U WUT M8? says:

    Ummmmm none of those reasons explain why cinderblock is better. This vide was more about organic compost tea 

  3. craigsellingmine says:

    WARNING! – CINDER BLOCKS ARE VERY TOXIC –  http://www.psr.org/assets/pdfs/coal-ash-hazardous-to-human-health.pdf – SPREAD THE WORD SO PEOPLE DONT GET SICK / CANCER!

  4. bruce kyser says:

    Now that was really educational. WOW!

  5. ClintL63 says:

    WHERE can I find new cinder blocks????The local lumber yard said that they haven't been for sale since 1960!!! help me please!!!!!

  6. Susan McMillan says:

    Beautiful video. Thanks

  7. Chase Baker says:

    thank you! good luck!

  8. Chase Baker says:


  9. Chase Baker says:

    good luck! keep me updated

  10. Chase Baker says:

    awesome will do! i showed a quick glimpse of them in the left corner of the garden.

  11. Chase Baker says:

    Great Question! i dedicate a little time everyday to my gardens by just looking, inspecting, and investigating for any problems such as discoloring leaves, soil, moisture levels, insect tracks, caterpillars, slugs, and much more. i simply address each problem organically and naturally, with an emphasis in not using chemicals of any sort. P.S. Mayan Peoples were the first to maintain sustainable agriculture and horticulture (3 sisters), for over 2000 YEARS, No chemicals 🙂

  12. LadyNemesis2007 says:

    OMG! Verynice— How do you keep animals and critters from eating your food?

  13. StalkerChu16 says:

    Hello, i'm planing on making a raised bed with cinder blocks but my main worry is the drainage. The blocks will be just placed on a concrete floor and putting the soil inside the space i mae with the cinder blocks should i put something under the soil to absorb the water that the soil doesnt need or just water the plants every few days?

  14. Richie B says:

    I have planted some watermelons and cantaloupes in cinder blocks hopefully they will grown strong and bear fruit

  15. bintlooda says:


  16. Gardenistic says:

    This is so awesome!!! 😀 I will surely try this out! those lettuces are sooo beautiful!!

  17. BDTAz. says:

    Wow and thank you!

  18. Chase Baker says:

    i really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the rest of my videos to come! it always makes me stoked to see new gardeners joining the youtube community, we make a difference.. i hope 🙂 thanks for watching. ill check out you channel soon.

  19. CinemaEnthusiast93 says:

    Good stuff man. I love it when people find innovative with new growing methods. I will be joining the youtube gardening community very soon once I start posting some videos. I'm way down south I am starting mangos, avocados, and many other tropical fruits and veggies from seed. Hope to make some friends along the way. Keep up the good work!

  20. Chase Baker says:

    i truly appreciate your support!!!! the future i would like to be apart of is one with everyone somehow contributing to growing their own food. stay tuned 🙂

  21. 747epecan1 says:

    We need young studly guys like you and Luke to show guys thats its cool to garden!!! We will need to grow our own organic veggies now because the grocery store veggies are disgusting with chemicals and sprays. Keep up the good videos!!!

  22. Chase Baker says:


  23. Chase Baker says:

    thank you!

  24. Rodrigo Lara says:


  25. Savemyplant says:

    Lookin might fine. Great job dude.

  26. Chase Baker says:

    great complement ray much appreciated 🙂 and thanks for noticing Henry is a life on earth just as important as us! thanks for watching.

  27. Chase Baker says:

    thanks so much! exactly great things can come in small packages! this garden is emphasized for people with very little room to garden. encourage people who think they do not have the room or space around their home.

  28. mjt1024 says:

    I envy your garden, small but very beautiful. keep the videos coming!

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