Why NOT To Buy Highly Compressed Idaho Hay!

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Compressed hay bales are interesting but here are the reasons I will not buy any more.
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41 Responses

  1. the chick shak poultry farm says:

    I buy compressed straw for chicken bedding for 5.32 $at tractor supply

  2. Cathy Gainge says:

    I'm in Australia and buy compressed hay for my goats. It doesn't come in a plastic bag and DOES expand when the bands are cut. It's the same price as regular hay and the main varieties I can get are Teff hay, oat/rye and rye/clover. I put it in a tub and only cut 1 band otherwise it goes all over the ground and is wasted. I prefer it to regular bales as they are looser so more is wasted.

  3. LindyTN says:

    If that bale weighed 50 or 60 lbs it would be the same as a typical though larger in size, bale of hay of the same weight. Around here, bales of hay can vary in weight, depending on how tightly packed they are. All are about the same size in measurement. I buy the same brand (Standlee) from TSC in the pelleted form for our horses. I feed it along with their horse feed. They also get fed whatever hay we can get for them. It’s not always easy to find the higher quality hay that horses need. So the Standlee grass pellets or hay is a good way to supplement them. Anyway. That is a very high quality hay, but probably not always necessary for all livestock, all the time.

  4. Joanne Ganon says:

    I think that's like buying a bundle of fire wood at the gas station.
    Jo Jo in VT

  5. China North Airguns says:

    Hay runs about 3.50 a bale here.

  6. Suzanne Leblanc says:

    Anti-climatic, lol!

  7. Growing in Faith Acres says:

    Our goats follow the bucket around too.

  8. Kathy Mayeda says:

    I live in California, so my hay gets trucked in from Northern California and Oregon. Our bales are huge…. 100+ lbs 2'x4'. I feed my horses grass/alfalfa mix. I've seen that the Idaho hay is baled different than what I get! I understand that our semi-arid climate is more conducive to larger, more compacted hay bales since the hay can dry out on the ground compared to other more humid states where humidity could cause combustible decomomposition in bales!

  9. Deus Vitae says:

    a nice, chill video today my good sir

  10. Lois Southard says:

    Brownie thinks he is a goat. Love to watch the animals but like watching those boys better. I can only imagine how much help they will be in a few years.

  11. p.messinger says:

    Arthur, yours is one of my favorite channels. Ask Priscilla to come by more often. No reason, I just think I like her a little bit. Maybe.

  12. Angela Cross says:

    I think you’re confusing it with one if those mail order mattresses.

  13. Starluckyable says:

    This channel should have a new name. The Art and Me channel.lol

  14. Love not Hate 1099 says:

    No time to watch the video at the moment (but will later I'm sure), Quick question; isn't Idaho a bit far for you guys for hay?

  15. Toni Franklin says:

    We have bales of hay stacked all over the place around here.

  16. Gratitude Ranch says:

    Short is good too!

  17. Sharon Puckett says:

    I was like you expecting it to fly open and cover the ground. Oh well..you tried!
    I want to say yall live in the most peaceful place there. Love the mountain shots. Gorgeous.

  18. esther munroe says:

    I live in idaho… I am not a fan of compressed hay!!! I dont care if it takes up less space it is awful for bedding cuz it's not light and fluffy. My chickens have a terrible time spreading it out… plus its expensive. I'm currently searching for a local source that doesn't spray…. hard to find up here in the north. Enjoyed your video. Thanks!°

  19. Brian Leonard says:

    Here in Upstate NY I.pay $3.00 per bale of 2nd cutting Timothy and treefoil, and small amount of Alfalfa. Beautiful hay for horses. Nice nice today Art. Thank you

  20. Kelsei Lee says:

    We have family friends that compress hay in Cali but mostly so they can ship it places like China, India, etc.

  21. duett 445 says:

    In addition to long transport it also comes packaged in one time use plastic .

  22. Thomas Schauss says:

    Watch out for that Idaho hay, a lot of it is grown by potato fields. Send a lot of the potato Farmers use round up, and that's just poison.

  23. Dana Nelson says:

    No explosion, but that hay is packed. I've them used to build houses. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Shell Cshells says:

    I live in Idaho and right smack in the middle of hay fields!… lol that looked more like a brick.

  25. Krysil says:

    The advantage of living in Idaho. Hay is plentiful, we grow LOTS of alfalfa, so we don't pay nearly as much for it. Here, the compressed bales are mainly for storage purposes. Your video was fun to watch. 😀

  26. Gladys R. White says:

    Hi Art! Did you know that banana peels are excellent for your plants? Thinking about preparing for spring…

  27. Suzanne Walsh says:

    My boys used to work for a local commercial small bale haylage producer. Wow is that stuff expensive to feed when you have 17 horses. Thankfully we were sponsored by a company, but when it no longer became viable we switched to big bale. I like my animals to have adlib bulk feed, and you can't do that with these tiny compact bales that cost much more than other products of the same size. I sat here laughing knowing that bale was going no where when you cut in to it, and wondering if you'd be disappointed. It probably would have exploded out more had it been a product more like haylage. I was surprised at how dry it was.

  28. wendyknoxleet says:

    Goats love it

  29. Brittney Josoff says:

    I live in Idaho and I pay $6 a bale. It's not compressed to 12" but it's the same food either way. Sorry you wasted $20.

  30. wendyknoxleet says:

    Here in England I feed haulage, fermented hay in winter and during competition for energy. Do you have that? I think you do for cows

  31. Robyn Wilson says:

    Lol at least they had an awesome if expensive treat!

  32. not2tees says:

    I like that peewee ookpik chicken hopping around with the regulars! Massive explosion from Idaho! Idaho is farther from North Carolina than Nova Scotia, by the way.

  33. Myrtha Gunter says:

    Same reason I don't buy like I did in the past. You get less product for more money. A bushel should be a bushel , and a bale of hay should be a bail of hay.

  34. JilleyTN says:

    My grand baby, born about a week before Wilder, loves your videos! She's always excited to see the children and the animals.

  35. April Garrahan says:

    So very funny

  36. Loretta Batzlaff says:

    wow I was impressed when you said the compressed bale weighed 50-60 lbs., then your little man was able to lift it. Strong fella

  37. Brian Wade says:

    A typical square bale weighs about 50 lb I think. So it's basically the same amount of hay?

  38. Brian Wade says:

    Loved it. As always. "STAND BACK!!!…". lol

  39. McCoy's Oak Hill Farm says:

    Exactly way expensive hay. I was looking at it and wondering what else they may have done to 'doctor' it up to make it tasty.

  40. karen L says:

    My local hay is $26 for a 100 lb. Bale of Timothy hay…that same compressed hay at TS is $25 for 50lb…

  41. Timothy wolfe says:

    well lol that was the build up and the let dwn . still loved the video
    ty for sharing your beautiful fam with us art and bri.

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