Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon & cod radiation monitor 2-9-2012 | Organic Slant

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After purchasing a radiation detector, I wanted to test a piece of wild fish from Alaska. Ever since the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, tons of radioative seawater was poured to cool the damaged fuel rods is ending up back into the seawater. The debris field and water ends up precisely in the waters where this fish and other seafood (salmon, crab legs, cod, etc.) migrate and live. This experiment is based sorely on the curiousity of the extent of how much radiation if any is in the fish that we are consuming. Now more than ever we should be testing more of our food so we can catch contaminated goods. WHAT ARE SAFE LEVELS???

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  1. firefoxhits says:


  2. FixItStupid says:

    Thanks For All Your Work…

  3. jkingsrd1 says:

    It looks like you have the inspector 500 very good unit…..geigercounters .com he will help you with anything on this unit..

  4. Silvi Dion says:

    you are radioactive as the device reacts with high readings each time you hold it

  5. Sky1 says:

    You cannot test it this way.
    It needs to be put in a scentillation chamber that will squelch out surronding radiation and then be able to isolate the dangerous isotopes.

  6. Dave Defrost says:

    put plastic over the fish and let the meter rest directly on it, readings will be much higher, most likely.

  7. SepherStar says:

    If you detected higher than background levels of radiation in food from a GM counter, that would be worrisome, but in most instances, a GM counter won't be able to tell you if the food is contaminated or not because the levels of emitted radiation would be too low. The problem is actually radioactive isotopes and how they behave inside of the body. Let's say you had a single cesium 137 isotope lodge in your body. You can't detect this, but for years on end it's going to sit there and hammer nearby cells with high energy photons that we call ionizing radiation. Eventually this could cause damage to the DNA in these cells, also known as mutations, which in turn could cause the cells to become cancerous. But then again, maybe you never get cancer from this. Maybe you get cancer from a virus first. Or the random gamma ray from space comes in, strikes a portion of the DNA in the nucleus of one of your cells, and that, in turn, gives you cancer. Or maybe you get cancer from some industrial chemical that pops up in your every day environment. Or maybe you have the gene for it. Or maybe you never get cancer. It's easy to say "this level of radiation is dangerous" but it's not easy to say what level of radiation is safe.

  8. ghfdhgjhkj says:

    you should test a "control" piece like a wet sponge or atlantic fish.to see if the levels are about the same or lower.

  9. tamo dbx says:

    How are the reading recently I'm curious? Going up?

  10. Matrix Maker says:

    I would think you would need a detector that has a probe and specific settings for different foods.

  11. Chris Hazl says:

    My understanding is no level of nuclear radiation is safe, all it takes is one particle damaging one DNA string and you can have cancer. Of course, there is natural nuclear radiation around us all the time too but it also is a danger.

  12. Organic Slant says:

    Radiation Alert Inspector+…very sensitive…

  13. Bryan Ward says:

    A single sheet of paper can stop Alpha radiation… yes it must be taken out of the packaging. Alpha is not damaging until you ingest it.

  14. Organic Slant says:

    check out newer videos…software now counts per minute are tallied against background radiation to see if it contains anything…

  15. e xx says:

    I don't know what the numbers mean. Do you?

  16. Organic Slant says:

    did toward the end…check out newer radiation monitor videos…techniques for measuring counts are better since adding the Observer software…

  17. Ross Marks says:

    take it out of the plastic…

  18. Organic Slant says:

    seeing by your name peg u must be bored…check out this site and it might open your eyes and your mind…children are dying over their…Japan is a radioactive waste dump…radiation in MY food from the other side of the world…U may not have a problem with that but I do…one reactor has had a robot inspect the inside only twice since the disaster began…Tokyo is burning the debris and allowing more fallout…no nuclear event has EVER put so many isotopes in our food…enenews.com/

  19. Organic Slant says:

    Wanted to buy the Radiation Alert Inspector for about a year after the Fukushima explosion. Couldn't afford it w/debt and little money. My curiousity got the best of me and broke down and bought it. There was a run on geiger counters and it was hard to even find one available. When I found this particular one on e-bay I bought it on the spot and paid $800. I am so glad I bought it. I had no idea I would be testing food n all. A MUST is to also purchase the Observer software and count the clicks.

  20. MzClementine says:

    How much did you pay for your geiger counter?? about 500??

  21. MzClementine says:

    Makes me wonder about the new show.. with the people whom survive off of the land in Alaska are having lower number of fish that they are catching.. Soon Fukushima will be a walk in the park compared to the LA salt some problem think there are nuke plants at least 4 within the states of LA & TX… and who knows about.. all the other states up the line of the Madrid fault line.. Wisconsin, Michigan Kentucky ect.. OH MY SAYS I..

  22. pegsbored says:

    Good post! We are born to die! With all of the things in life that will get us, eating a piece of fish is the least of our worries!

  23. pegsbored says:

    Freezing does not kill radioactive material. Time does decrease the intensity or half-life, making it weaker, but some isotopes take several hundred thousand years to reach a half-life, so it's a moot point. The good news is you probably pooped most of the particles out. The bad news…your septic system is now contaminated! ; ))

  24. pegsbored says:

    My question is were did you get the detector? Who calibrated it? You see, the actual detectors used in industry are very expensive, finicky, and must be continually calibrated to produce accurate results. A lot of people are buying detectors online and getting ripped off. Be aware of that is all I'm saying.

  25. pegsbored says:

    Seriously, the stress you exhibit from eating a piece of fish will do more harm than any radiation. RAD workers live their whole lives with lung contamination and some develop lung cancer and others don't. Maybe the ones who stress over it are the ones who get sick?

  26. pegsbored says:

    Calm down, we have been eating radioactive particles for years. The above ground nuclear bomb test started it all. Does it cause cancer? Yes it could and probably has been, but in all likelihood your okay. I would go easy on the salmon for now, but in a few years it should be out of the immediate ecosystem. The biggest cost will be to the young salmon born of the contaminated salmon. That is were we will see genetic changes that may interrupt the ability for the fish to spawn. So relax.

  27. pegsbored says:

    You know, you show your ignorance when you call people asses for not knowing the difference between radiation and contamination. Not everyone learns about isotopes, curies, rems, gamma, x, beta, neutron, and the like. They don't teach it in high school or most college degrees. You would do best in teaching people in a kinder gentler manner the cost of the Fukushima incident. Not everyone is a nuclear engineer, RADCON worker, NSTR employee, or Radiographer/Radiologist. So who is the real ass?

  28. w4csc says:

    …And, he's only measuring beta and gamma through that plastic. Alpha particles won't make it through the flesh or the plastic. So, even if he took off the plastic and put his detector, with the alpha window OPEN, against the flesh, he would only be measuring the alpha emitted from the SURFACE of the flesh, not inside the flesh, itself. Alpha ingested is what's very dangerous for tumors, etc. Special detectors isolate the total radiation in a kg of product. Very expensive.

  29. Organic Slant says:

    Surreal anxiety about Fukushima radiation effecting the safety of our food supply. The radiation is global, I believe there are bits of radiation in all our food, just avoid the one's that should be more heavily contaminated like anything coming out of the pacific and west coast produce. I trust my own intuition against greed that harvests food that should not be consumed. In the end again, it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.GREED AS USUAL. Care and avoid no matter what others laugh @U and think U crazy!!

  30. Trad Gal says:

    I have been wondering about this myself, live in Ohio too. Did not know that the Salmon migration was so close to Japan. You would think I would have remembered this before all my visits to restaurants for my favorite Salmon. Told my hubby yesterday I'm a goner. Yep, no more fish for me either I feel exactly the same way. I am so sorry about our planet for our children.

  31. Organic Slant says:


  32. Organic Slant says:

    Since I believe that there is more than meets the eye and what I'm looking for invisible. I did the video on the fly so I didn't not know what the results woud be. If the detector was 300 cpm I would have tossed it and maybe brought some HEADS-Up to what I believe is an important issue. I'm NOT TRYING TO PUT ANYONE OUT OF BUSINESS.I'M DOING THIS TO POSSIBLY SAVE LIVES. Fukushima caused history's biggest-ever release of radiation into the ocean. SICK FISHERMAN = NO FISHERMAN – WHO IS TESTING?????

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