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Hi guys! I wanted to share my favorite winter products from Earthwise Beauty! If you are new to the brand, Earthwise Beauty makes skincare products from Organic, Wildcrafted, Fair Trade, Unrefined, Cold Processed ingredients in small batches in the state of Washington! Ava (the owner and creator of Earthwise) makes some super hydrating products that are perfect for winter. I also wanted to share her gift sets that she curated for this years holiday season!

Winter Favorites:
+*Marshmallow Suds Face Cleanser:
+Cistus & Moonlight Face Mist:
+*Nap in the Meadow:
+*Carrot A Day Sensitive (Now Resiliency):
+*Ferns & Moss Face Oil:
+Magical Babassu Facial Oil:
+*Passion Eye Serum:
+*Tigress Balm:
(Use code ‘GreenQueen for 15% off)

Holiday Gift Sets:
Set #1- Ferns & Moss, Black Strap Molasses Mask & Cistus and Moonlight Mist:
Set #2- Marigold Fields, Sungod Mask & Goldenrod Tea:
Set #3- Pacific Northwest Body Oil & Aphrodite Facial Steam:
Set #4- Ferns & Moss Serum, Tangerine Skies, & Carrot A Day Sensitive: (Dry & Mature Skin)
Set #5- Marshmallow Suds, Magical Babassu, and Cistus & Moonlight Mist: (Sensitive and Inflamed Skin)
Set #6- Ambrosia del Cerrado, Tigress Balm, & Nap in the Meadow (Young and Acne Prone skin)

Check out her new teas ft. Goldenrod, Chrysanthemum, and Dandelion:

Check out her page on Flower Essences:

Other Earthwise Beauty Reviews:
Marigold Fields Spotlight:
Ferns & Moss Spotlight:
Nap in the Meadow Face Serum:

Discount codes/Affiliate Links:
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RAL website-
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**Disclaimer: Anything marked with an asterisk (*) means a company has sent an item to me. This in no way reflects my reviews on products. I am always 100% transparent with my viewers, as this is something that is important to me. There may also be affiliate links that are above. You do not have to use these links, you can always google something on your own. I thank you if you do, as they help support my channel to grow. Thank you for understanding. Much love**

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11 Responses

  1. victovia 22 says:

    So awesome! I feel like Meow Meow Tweet really changed my skin for the better. I have really oily skin and it’s balanced it out so much it’s incredible! I really notice when I want to try something new and my skin is like no! So I always go back to it. I really want to try nap in the meadow though since you are always raving about it!

  2. Ava Zhan says:

    Thank you, Andie!! You are such a pro at explaining all the aspects of the many products, scents, uses, etc.

  3. Tree of Mana says:

    I only tried the sample size of the Pacific Northwest Oil but I am in love with it. I also find that the the Green Leaves and Co facial oil works very well for me in the Winter! You and Eli got me hooked!

  4. Lily Inks says:

    Just placed an order! I can see how much you love the products, so I can't wait to love them too!

  5. A Greener Kind Of Life says:

    Her scent profiles and complex ingredients I want to love! I love the nap in a meadow serum, it’s amazing! But do you know what I should avoid? I had something that cause me to react a couple of years ago and so I get a tad scared now. But I am allergic to pretty much all things grass and tree related (lemongrass is a major one).

  6. Keisha Adinkra says:

    I purchased the sample Black Strap Molasses mask sample should be here soon! Is that RAL Appley Ever After you are wearing on your lips?

  7. Geri S says:

    whoops-hit the wrong button. Wanted to finish my sentence!! I can't wait to keep watching my face improve with the use of her products.
    And by the way-this is the first time I have commented on your channel but have watched you for some time and very much enjoy and look forward to your videos.

  8. Geri S says:

    I also want to thank you for introducing me to Earthwise Beauty! I ordered samples a couple months ago and after falling in love with a couple products I ordered full size Ferns and Moss and Carrot a Day-sensitive. My face glows. It is really an amazing line. I like everything I have tried so far. I love how Ava includes 2 samples of your choice with each order. I wish I could convert to the whole line all at once but have to purchase slowly as her products are pricey— but SO WORTH it. I wanted to mention the price so that anyone on the fence about trying the products as I was will get another recommendation as to the effectiveness and richness of her products. I can't wait to keep watching my

  9. Linda C says:

    I'm just starting my 2nd bottle of Nap in the Meadow . Love this product for my very oily skin . I also like Carrot a Day under the eyes . I also bought a full size of Ambrosia & am really enjoying it . I tried the Frightening Green mask which was very good . I haven't tried the sample of Tigress yet as I'm hesitant to put it on since it's a thick balm . I love the smell though . I just washed my face with Marshmallow Suds & might buy the full size .

  10. Lisa Delgado says:

    I have you to thank for turning me on to Earthwise Beauty. They are my absolute favorite products to use and I have super oily acne prone skin. My skin loves Ava’s products-shes a genius! Btw where did u get that pin? Love it!

  11. kayajourney says:

    I am not familiar with this company, thank you for sharing this. The products should amazing, especially the thick rich body oil.

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