Winter Gardening for the Cottage garden and Potager

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You can accomplish much in your flower beds and Potager during the winter months, if you aren’t buried in snow. Restore, revive, weed, transfer plants, and sow many seeds that require a cold period. I get a lot done in Jan-March. It saves me a lot of work in the Spring.

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  1. Over The Garden Gate says:

    Jeri, I winter sewed my sweet-pea seeds. They are popping out of the ground NOW. We're due to get ice this Sunday here in NC. Does this mean, they will get zapped and die? Their little soots are so tender. Is this a bust? Will I need to plant more sweet-peas in the spring? What are your thoughts?

  2. Studio Maywyn says:

    Outstanding video! Brings spring closer despite the snow outside today in Vermont

  3. FlowerLady Lorraine says:

    Loved this video Jeri. You are such an inspiration to me. Love & hugs from Plum Cottage

  4. luckychicav says:

    I Love your videos, they always inspire to get out and plant something amazing. Or even just to prepare the beds for spring. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your peacocks are such show offs! Lol It's like they just knew you were recording them to show the masses. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you!!

  5. Family Fun says:

    Holy, holy, holy – thatโ€™s what I sing as I walk and work in any garden – especially in the early morning. Thank you again for an inspirational and informative video, Jeri!

  6. Terri Johnson says:

    Hi Jeri,
    Thanks so much for sharing your winter garden chores! I needed the inspiration and now I will get out and plant some seeds like I thought I should and wanted to. It is nice to live in a warmer climate during the winter. It makes up for not being able to grown more cool loving plants like Iris or Peony here is zone 10 of Florida.

  7. Mary Anne Komar says:

    How inspiring, thanks! My nemesis are bind weed, butter cup and bamboo, the three evil B's no matter how I try they keep coming back. I don't use any chemicals either. Any suggestions for here in the rainy Pacific Northwest?xx

  8. deezie says:

    What a beautiful video Jeri* now I want to go and do some gardening in my winter garden*

  9. Michelle Ackerson says:

    Unless we have a very early spring I'll be living vicariously thru you for several more months. Here in northern New England we're all frozen in and have been since about mid November. The only way to get my garden "fix" thru the long cold winter is by tending my houseplants and watching my favorite gardeners on YouTube…You, Monty Don of Gardeners World and Laura of Garden Answers.. Your gardens are looking great already ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Randy Watts says:

    I can hardly wait until spring to see your garden in bloom. It's gonna be beautiful !

  11. Linda Witherspoon says:

    Delightful video. There is always something to do in the garden. Being in the garden is heaven. Planting, digging,weeding,smelling the soil. Just heavenly. Thanks for this lovely visit with you. Linda from Texas.

  12. SurvivalAustria says:

    What a great video mate, I really enjoyed watching.


  13. Over The Garden Gate says:

    We've busted all our records for rain here in NC so my garden is a muddy, mucky, mess! I'm looking forward to having established plants that I can move around one day. My most exasperating weed is Creeping Charlie! He gets on my last nerve! LOL You've got things tidied up nicely. The Spring is going to be so very lovely at your home, Jeri! God bless!

  14. Marqueta Graham says:

    You have been busy, Jeri! I've been working in my garden this week, too. What zone are you in? We're in zone 6 here.

  15. Cynthia Hamblin-Perry says:

    Oh love seeing the PeaBoys! How lucky you are that you can garden year round! We have had snow cover since October this year! Hope we have a decent Spring as that is my busy time. This time of year I look over seed catalogs and make lists and plan. I do love all those little volunteer plants – my Lady's Mantle sends out loads of babies each year. Thanks for sharing your planting/renovating – can't wait to see it in Spring! Many Blessings

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