You Can Live Without Producing Trash

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One New York woman is making an effort to change the way we think about waste. Over the past two years, Lauren Singer has produced only enough trash to fill a 16 oz mason jar.

In Going Off Grid, Laura Ling examines how 180,000 Americans a year are choosing to live entirely disconnected from our modern internet-focused world in pursuit of a more sustainable, simple lifestyle.


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Take the #ZeroWaste Challenge with us Tuesday, April 14th to go one day without producing trash. Tweet us @seekernetwork with #ZeroWaste and we’ll donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful.
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Executive Producer: Laura Ling
Producer: Paige Keipper (Hansen)
Cinematographers: Matthew Piniol, Spencer Snider
Editor: Lee Mould

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23 Responses

  1. Yoonare Mairabu says:

    so inspirative!

  2. Realism says:

    please marry me. please please please

  3. GSODA Buildings says:

    I call bullshit on this – no middle class woman in good condition with good hair and make up and new clothes can live this way and claim waste that small in two years. It's bullshit. I believe its good to try to reduce waste but her carbon miles to run around to all those stores where she gets thing filled into her bottles are contributing to waste too. Donating old clothes to charity may contribute to waste. She needs to live in the forest and grow here own food, keep sheep and spin wool to make her own clothes, slaughter farm animals and not travel further than she can walk to not create waste. That t-shirt she is wearing has many carbon miles and factory waste associated with it. This is self righteous bullshit.

  4. Lidia Do says:

    She says she doesn't have any garbage can but where do you throw away stuff like banana peels?
    And what if you want to buy pasta or something already done like ravioli?

  5. veipunii lana says:

    In India if you can throw your plastic to a dustbin it will be very good and they will be call environmentalist

  6. moed al garny says:

    I need her in my life

  7. Lena Tran says:

    what if every family does this….

  8. nerets asabad says:

    she is pretty!!!!

  9. sm7ma says:

    What an amazing person!

  10. castlevaniax1 says:

    You can also poop and let it dry till it becomes dust then mix it with boiling water and drink it like coffee :),you can try not me 😉

  11. Hans Bauer says:

    When you make everything out of wood the rain forest will die like a pig on the street.

  12. Amy E says:

    Uh, thought down here in the comments someone would've mentioned white privilege and affluence making this task easier. Guess I'm that asshole.

  13. Vivekkumar Vyas says:

    We have started the process in Bharat (India) also.
    This is indeed a great start. I have developed a report which will give you an idea how the Zero Waste Village is developed. Pls email me to get a copy @ [email protected] or [email protected]

    Vivek Vyas
    Director of 10 Billion Trees Plantation Program 
    Satso Abundance Initiative (CRS initiative of SEOPPL, Singapore)
    (Our CRS vision: Beautiful, Abundant and Strong Bharat,
    Our CRS missions: 10 Billion Trees Plantation Program and Landscape Bharat Movement)

  14. Mrs Bell says:

    Wow, I want to do this!

  15. Listhin Cristi Jhuny says:

    great 🙂

  16. Selena Lamothe says:

    I think supporting a deoderant business like Smidcht who has deoderant in glass jars that they take back for recycling is much better than each person buying the ingredients to make it themselves. We should support the companies that are doing right. They can buy all ingredients in bulk so it ends up as less waste over all.

  17. Benjamin Balija says:

    I am happy to see a teenager(?) care about our world. I wished more people here in Austria lived like her.

  18. sulagna sarker says:

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  19. v n says:

    Beauty body and beauty life style

  20. Gaurav Patel says:

    Take away the smart phones, TVs from your lifestyle and minimal-marketing exposure will automatically reduce significant amount of unnecessary buying we do on a daily basis… of-course some malls and many brands will shut down because they were never needed in this environment…

  21. Charlotte Boulan says:

    compostable tooth brush, is Nylon really compostable?

  22. Richelle Tan says:

    Smart idea

  23. Violette Wellington says:

    Wonderful person. The rest of the world should follow this example but unfortunately lazy people don’t care. Hopefully soon states will force people to recycle or get fined

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