You Can’t Miss An Opportunity Like This In The Garden

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I encourage you to take advantage of an opportunity like this in the Garden.




CUCUMBERS, Everything You Need To Know!


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34 Responses

  1. Heat Capp says:

    What kind of dog is Tuckyyyy??

  2. Arnold Glatzel says:

    Hey dude, why do people over here in germany say that woodchips make the soil acedic? Im planning our garden and I need an advice

  3. Kathy Brochu says:

    OMG would love to have all the roots

  4. Gustavo Medrano says:

    u have a good life…

  5. Pinkshu says:

    Question…. can I grow tomatoes or any other vegetables inside the house with a grow lamp?!

  6. Alison Miller says:

    Love that your dog loves veggies. One set of my garden friend/helpers are my rabbits. I have them for their helpful cold ready to use manure as well as for their fluffy cuteness. They also like to eat of my garden's bounty. It feels good to watch them eat what I share with them from our garden.

  7. Alison Miller says:

    Oh, question, have you thought about growing some winecap mushrooms in your woodchips? I'm thinking of trying some soon.

  8. Alison Miller says:

    Love that you just let your hens be hens and friends. They will help in the garden however they can and they also help to enlarge your heart by giving you the opportunity to care for them without heavy expectations. That's important in permaculture for me.

  9. mark m says:

    Beautiful soil!

  10. Buckaroo Bonzai says:

    The chicks earned their retirement love it.

  11. Unchanging God says:

    Your girls are beautiful! I love mine helping in the garden also <3

  12. shanah Tovah says:

    Hello Again from Seattle. Tuck is going to live LONG with good people like you! Love see the good old girls (hens)

  13. Sam Kassouf says:

    Tuck loves those carrots

  14. Yo:ゼロから始める農園生活 Your Backyard Farm says:

    It sounds like a lot of fun!
    I am also aiming for a space like you!

  15. Mr. Adler says:


  16. BrittanyDaine says:

    Great video! I love how the hens are just waiting for you to finish pulling the plants up so they can do their work. And Tuck digging his own veggies is too cute

  17. Mario Mendez says:

    Do you have any idea on growing a kiwi from seeds?

  18. Viper H says:

    Love it. Good work. Good music. Great perspective!

  19. Jennifer Trace says:

    That was a great video. Felt like I was working in the garden with ya!!

  20. AussieJuz says:

    Can anyone link to this version of "I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons please?

  21. artichokez says:

    <3 u and Tuck. and the hens of course, your orp looks like my favorite pet chicken named Angel

  22. YoungAtHeart Cason says:

    How long after covering area with wood chips to be able to pull things out of the ground like that? Until the soil is black like yours?

  23. Lee Thomas says:

    All 3rd year raspberry branches should be removed. They make most berries on 2nd branches.

  24. wax989 says:

    Since you spoke of your love for strawberries I had to let you know about a man that has been doing amazing things with rare strawberries.
    He is located in Delaware and enjoys talking strawberries while touring his operation. This may be the last year selling because Mike is planning to retire.

  25. EcoCentric Homestead says:

    In my area, the production of the natural forest depends on change. That's why I look for trees that have finished growing or are sickly looking. then I selectively harvest for firewood and make habitat piles with the branches. My food forest will be the same way when I get it growing

  26. Jan Beck says:

    you grow beautiful animals too…a beautiful family 🙂

  27. alf mo says:

    Love you hard work mmm but don’t throw it away burn it so you get ash it helps

  28. Fullpattern says:

    Hi Prigioni family. James, what did you do to secure your trellises for your grapes. I see they are tree limbs and such, I am looking to do the same with my excess limbs.

  29. Heather Osborne says:

    I just found your channel and I love it! Make sure you get always get Tuck in the videos!

  30. crystal galarsa says:

    I love your vibe. Thanks for teaching.

  31. Pippi Elvesse Bernstein says:

    The worms are the key

  32. Pippi Elvesse Bernstein says:

    We use brush, prunings, leaves, branches etc as the base for a hugel mound over winter. We add compost, manure whatever we have then wood chip the top. Ready to plant in spring just put seeds in the soil and cover with mulch/leaves. Good for sprawling zucchini or pumpkin patch. Of course not if you want to get rid of the beetle or whatever that lurks within

  33. Jun Mathew Dela Joya says:

    intelligent dog and a good gardener, too!

  34. Angela Burnett-Mero says:

    You can never have too many strawberries!! Truth!
    Great asparagus info. Looking forward to your seed video. Love for Tuck ❤

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