Young Lions Kill Donkeys | BBC Earth

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These young lions jeopardise their future when they decide to hunt neighbouring tame donkeys. Subscribe:

Natural World – Desert Lions:
In the mid-1980s, hundreds of lions suddenly disappeared from the Namib Desert. Now, equally mysteriously, they have returned. How can such a magnificent animal survive in one of the harshest deserts in the world?

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23 Responses

  1. Dark Knight says:

    Where can we find full documentaries like this? Please respond asap thanks

  2. Mat Öğrt 45 says:


  3. Daryl Lloyd says:

    Looks like shrek didn’t save his ass here

  4. Drew Brown says:

    Let's go lion

  5. Two sisters for life Clemons says:

    I feel so so poor

  6. Jenny Hart says:

    RIP donkey, you will meet shrek in heaven your mortal coil will prolong these lions lives.

  7. Zachary cox says:

    docile? no instinct to escape?
    I think you mean docile to humans, they clearly know to run.
    they just don't know how to kick, or how to stay away
    had they not bred out the instinct involving distance and predators, this killing spree wouldn't happen

  8. rmaxwell1000 says:

    Keep eating then

  9. James Ward-Parrish says:

    So THAT is how Eeyore lost his tail!

  10. Rhoombrp says:

    The film crew just happened to be all perfectly set up around the donkeys at the exact time the lions come for the very first time. With that kind of "instinct" or "luck" maybe the film crew should start investigating serial killers, kidnappers or rapists, I'm sure after they set up cameras around e.g. a public park they'll just so happen to film someone doing something evil and hand the evidence over to the police because they're so fortunate. Oh wait, they paid for the donkeys to be lead to where the lions were baited to and filmed the trap as an experiment to see how many the lions would kill and how the donkeys would react. Makes for great viewing.

    And better yet, hold a conference with the local village folk who don't speak a word of English and make it seem like the crew is passionately appealing for the villagers to not slay the lions because apparently having local lions who know the area well is really valuable to the villagers, even though those lions are likely to now permanently want to hunt easy kill farm animals and maybe even some of the villagers themselves. Clearly lions make for good tour guides and will help boost tourism in the area. Or it's all bullshit and this crew had to set this all up because they're under pressure to justify all the expenses incurred in filming out there and finding things interesting enough to make it in the docuseries.

  11. wahed min nas says:

    Like every time whites spoiling nature. Everywhere they land they spray their deases.

  12. SONICE69 says:

    Poor Donkeys, such trusting and docile creatures…….. No point in screaming “RUN, you donkey”!!!

  13. Gillian Mantell says:

    If there wild donkeys whats the problem?

  14. c.risaq gg says:

    donkeys were targeted by merciless enemy they came here only to grass or get food sad no one likes to be like these donkeys

  15. Judith Campbell says:

    Thank You Sir David!

  16. Thon Chawech says:

    Shrek ordered those lions to kill donkey

  17. Cristiano Maestro says:

    where's shrek to help his friend he helped donkey escape from dragon but cant help it from yung lions lol cool

  18. DBT Athena says:

    I hate donkey

  19. freeeeelibyan says:

    Poor donkeys

  20. Sebahattin Çam says:

    Yazık oldu sıpayaaa

  21. kaboose07 says:

    Rip Draymond Green

  22. itachi fabio says:

    I love Lions ❤️

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