Youth Ag Summit 2019(Brazil) || Biplob Dey, Bangladesh

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Hi everyone!
I’m Biplob from Bangladesh. Now I’m studying Forestry and Environmental Science at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology,Bangladesh.

I’m coming from a local farmer family, I have seen so many problems especially agricultural sector,that’s why I’m interested in food security. Though Bangladesh is one of the big potential country in agricultural sector, the production of agricultural crops is still very low.

But why?

Based on the research & interview with the local farmers, there are several problems. Which are expensive technology, lack of knowledge about sustainable farming system and multiple cropping systems , lack of investment or financial support .

Now, how can solve these problems?

First of all , we need to technological support but in a cheap rate or by easiest way to purchase. Here I talk about the technological partnership to achieve the goal ,which is under SDGs 17.

Second, To ensure supply crops or foods all over the season.For that we need to cultivate our land in a sustainable way by introducing agroforestry or multiple cropping system. For this we need to ensure quality education about agriculture among farmers and young generation .That means we need quality education, which is under SDGs-4.

Third , investment or loan system is very poor here, so we need more investment in the sector from local to global.

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