Yummy cooking BBQ goat recipe – Cooking skill

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Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about primitive catch and cook in forest life style.
Please subscribe me to view more videos thank you and i will show you the survival skills, primitive culture, forest wilderness, primitive skills..

Wish you good luck for your life bye bye..

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33 Responses

  1. Darren Sok says:

    What a waste. Poor goat hardly have any meat.

  2. AYUDA _ APK says:

    No esta nada fea la de faldita :v si que me la doy :v

  3. Esto no telhado says:

    Cabrito ai sim aqui no Brasil come muito. bom

  4. Manoel Pereira Lima De Sales says:

    Deve tá uma delícia

  5. Amity Studio [Official Music Video] says:


  6. Miss NajLa - PS4 says:

    Who noticed that girl has a mustache ?!

  7. My life says:

    Achei que era un canguru kkkkkkkkk

  8. John Lennon says:

    I want to eat the girl

  9. กนก ดีไชย says:


  10. Jackeline Fernandes says:

    É chocante…

  11. taka taka says:

    family did a good job 🙂 and the goat brain is amazing with the brain and tongue and all!

  12. ByMark Sheetmetal says:

    Nice Rack……on the fire!

  13. Primitive Shakil says:

    Cute girl

  14. علي علي says:

    لو طلعو الجلده كان ممتاز

  15. LATATA says:

    Why people are hates this channel?
    And Disliked?
    It's so awesome ♡

  16. Jigz Padillo says:

    Lechong Kambing

  17. J Morales says:


  18. Joanne T says:

    DISGUSTING PIG!!!!!!!!

  19. Kathy Canarte says:

    This is so wrong all you people that think this is ok are disgusting excuse for humane beings

  20. กานต์จุรีย์ พงศานุรักษ์ says:


  21. Rozilane Santos says:

    gente quem é essa menina feia não é a outra magrinha que sorrir antes de comer e muito mais bonita

  22. Rozilane Santos says:

    gente que bicho é esse ele tá muito magrinho só tá os ossos e um pouquinho cru e não tem sal

  23. Rozilane Santos says:

    gente que bicho é esse ele tá muito magrinho só tá os ossos e um pouquinho cru e não tem sal

  24. Primitive Technology Frog says:


  25. juuh Silva says:

    Essa menina tem uma cara insuportável eu gosto mais da outra, a outra é mais simpática e sempre ta sorrindo !!!

  26. dsjoyful14ever says:

    This young woman always looks depressed.

  27. Elvin Franco says:


  28. mali ka bobo says:

    So big your boobs

  29. Garbage Bleach says:


  30. Authenticc Kitchen says:

    Lookss yummmy

  31. Алексей Игнатьев says:

    Очень вкусно новерно

  32. Anna Bean says:

    I love seeing everyone helping the girls preparing a mean dinner (:

  33. Betânia Oliveira says:

    Meu Deus que horror

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