Yummy cooking chicken legs recipe – Cooking skill

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Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about primitive catch and cook in forest life style.
Please subscribe me to view more videos thank you and i will show you the survival skills, primitive culture, forest wilderness, primitive skills..

Wish you good luck for your life bye bye..

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34 Responses

  1. borey kas says:


  2. Bantawa Oshin says:

    Oh sorry you cut your finger! Be careful lady.

  3. дима чиж says:

    Противно бля

  4. дима чиж says:

    Смотрю потомучто ебнул тебя это оченнь
    Жрррать куриные ноги кот хуй жрет

  5. Miss Example says:

    3:08 a spider on the right side of the pan…lol

  6. Gabriel Johannson says:

    I wish they had grilled chicken feet at my local yum-cha..

  7. Mariana Nava says:

    Por qué el pollo está blanco? Acaso son pollos enfermos?
    Qué el pollo no es amarillo? v:

  8. dsjoyful14ever says:

    You should NOT give chicken bones to dogs-it can splinter in their insides and kill them.

  9. شاكر الحازمي says:

    إيش الكل الحلو ذا عفن مع قرف مع طراش مع سدت نفس عن الأكل إنتي ياشيخه اللي علاج للرجيم

  10. Jess W says:

    what breed is the dog?

  11. syndey mars says:

    Look good

  12. Muhammad Hussain says:

    From which country do you belong dear?

  13. Ademar Palacini says:

    Boa noite adoro pe

  14. Adriana Álvarez says:

    Omg the tiny claws hahaha

  15. Om Abdo says:

    ييييي على هل اكله نحني في سوريه من كبو شو هاد ييييييي

  16. lifeisbetterwithJesus says:

    saw you in my feed….I'm not sure of what your religious beliefs are in that area, but I just felt like the Holy Spirit wanted you to know- "Jesus Loves You!."

  17. Танцы Тв Romik says:

    https://youtu.be/yWLYbfykuo4 super video

  18. Mehdi Sls says:


  19. اسد الياسمين says:

    عده قوزي جاي تبله والله انعل ابوج لبو إلي يصورج عود تطبخ هيه اى وكبر الي يطمكم هيه معده لو حاويه مال زباله مقرف

  20. Florence B says:

    This is because we kept telling her that there's a chicken right behind her (instead of cooking spiders, crickets, roaches, you name it) …

  21. علي علي says:

    شنو ها المعده الي عندكم بنسبه لي متقدر معدتي تستقبلهن منو ويياي

  22. My Dishes - قناة أطباقي says:


  23. Dima F says:

    هاي زنخة تاكل كلشي

  24. Open Source Studios says:

    Minute 1:27 i guess…she mistakenly choose wrong finger to chop….hihi

  25. Yellow Rose Of Texas says:

    The Chef and the Puppy are both adorable !!

  26. rosa isabel alvarez rosario says:

    que rico!

  27. نضال الحسين says:

    ياربي دخيلك هدول اشفي وسخ بياكلو

  28. أوجاع الزمن أوجاع الزمن says:

    يربي هنة رجلين مال دجاج كاعدة تكسرين وخابصة نفسج شياكلهن

  29. Think and Search says:


  30. Vera Boeira says:

    Essa mulher só come comida crua que nojo.

  31. Hertagabi says:

    Churrasco de pé de Flango deve ser fim de mês lá

  32. Odette Manlove says:

    Chicken feet and chickens mad in the background

  33. White Crow says:


  34. Angel Surigao says:

    Its not chicken leg,, its chicken feet..

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