Yummy cooking noodle with soup recipe – Cooking skill

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Hi every one welcome to visit my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ3U_AVNIZo

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26 Responses

  1. Victoria James says:

    geee whiz…a no brainer to prepare these ready per seasoned…glutamate infused noodle soups…. yuck

  2. It Nx says:


  3. Resmitara Beekawoo says:

    Bloody hell.

  4. Thais Reis says:

    Meu Deus! é caldo demais kkkkk

  5. little star kitchen says:


  6. Mario Horvath says:


  7. Primitive Shakil says:

    great cooking

  8. Ivan the Terrible says:

    would love to try the girl then noodles

  9. Kluna Tik ID says:

    Luar biasa…banyak amat..

  10. pitiku patiku says:


  11. May May says:

    Never seen carrots so big. ..yummy

  12. Map Nhep says:

    Hi sis you need to change that water scooper, it looks very dirty..but I love your video

  13. ELON MATANA 10 says:

    Saludos desde perú

  14. Cintia Aparecida de Jesus says:

    ta com bastante fome pra come crus

  15. andrea carla says:

    Ela come bastante né?

  16. Brish Adi says:

    i want to slap on ur face …godsake..bitch

  17. 大門圭介 says:


  18. Lil Yes says:

    برافو برافو

  19. Toh Wane says:

    Don’t drink the soup because it has lots of sodium from seasoning you added

  20. Riccardo Smirnov says:

    Hello. Vietnam?

  21. Mankap Salim says:

    Looks like so delicious. …

  22. Ronald Nirwan says:

    Next time just skip all the washing up

  23. Alexander Gonzalez says:


  24. Мурат Сатыбалдыев says:


  25. Lana Martins says:

    Eu acho que tá tudo mal cozido. À aparência parece Boa..

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