Zombies and ZONGS

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26 Responses

  1. Miss NattyKay says:

    Sounds like you're a man with many skills! Also love your kitties names!! How do you come up with them!? I'm getting another Doberman puppy in December( a little baby girl ) and need some inspiration!

  2. Liam Collins says:

    Can you use your go pro more often thanks 🙂

  3. janja holic says:

    LOL your cat hears the bubbling, looks over and watches the whole bong hit that was awesome

  4. IAmTheOnlyMrDaryl says:

    you have a cat!?!?!?!

  5. boot skatt says:

    i used to smoke tobacco in bongs to help me quit smoking, i dont smoke ciggies anymore 🙂

  6. Allin Mota says:

    Adult cats only meow to communicate to humans, cool huh…

  7. Jordan Perrett says:

    tobacco rips outta bongs do knock you on your ass its called being poppered out

  8. Garret Gagne says:

    gotta admit I like it when you don't use bee lasso

  9. thecodgod32 says:


  10. Jonathan See says:

    hey, sound, any chance of getting a ranch tour once you have everything snazzed up? bong rippers around the ranch?

  11. Glorious Airsoft Channel says:


  12. Kristina Barnes says:

    Sound get a hold of me i miss you guys!!!!

  13. jordan b says:

    You should drink green tea after them rippers. Makes the throat feel nice!

  14. Dylandro15 says:

    Hey sound do you live alone

  15. jay tee says:

    does the 420 armory accept visa gift cards????

  16. S U N says:

    Why didn't you use the original pink bowl for the zong from a few vids ago?

  17. Jordan Munoz says:

    whats his steam name 

  18. Hayden Meadows says:

    Per say my steam name is Big Dick Floppy Pants (which it isn't * wink wink*) this may be because I have what you call small bong syndrome

  19. CALICRONIC209xx says:

    Still better than marijuana man

  20. LollinBallin says:

    My cat came in and chilled with me while I was watching this vid, lol bong rippers with kittys!!

  21. Taylor Miller says:

    where can i order or buy a song like that?

  22. Night Man says:

    We understand sound. You take your time making sure the ranch is perfect and we'll stay Medicated in the mean time 😀 p.s. awesome cat name

  23. Miguel Gaona says:

    show your glass blunt 

  24. Velox Vendetta says:

    Sound i have goats too!

  25. Samir Duhh says:

    Pinche sound loco lol i wanna smoke with that nigga!

  26. laplantski says:

    hey sound they have this sweet stuff called hemp wick, lolz….DO what You do Sound!!! Keep up the vids!!!

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